OBJECTIVE: To give continuity to the proposals presented in the LACCCB 20018 workshop entitled “The Whale Shark as a flag for the scientific and educational integration of the Americas and Caribbean for conservation.”, the organizers intend to pursue objectives of education, research and international cooperation for the joint management of shark species in the Caribbean.

PROBLEM: The Caribbean has a need for trained personnel capable of conducting studies of ecology, biodiversity and marine conservation. It is impossible for only the small group of currently active researchers to generate information on sharks throughout the Caribbean and at the same time apply effective conservation plans to protect all species in the entire region. It is necessary to listen to all the stakeholders, interact with them, train them to tend emergencies and teach them to generate their own solutions based on their local reality.

GOAL: The Caribbean Sharks Education Program fosters partnership among the countries of Americas with the support of the Latin American and Caribbean Section (LACA) of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) to support the a permanent training program of for technicians in universities, research institutes, divers, water athletes, working groups and NGOs of the region, in the areas of marine ecology, fisheries ecology and conservation of sharks.